New Series Coming Soon

Currently writing new series TEMPTING FATE, planned to span unite several Roxy Harte series worlds and the characters shared by those worlds. This series of six books follow the exploits and loyalties of five friends.

The underlying mystery of who is threatening Autumn Blessings and blackmailing her father thread through the main books: 1, 5, and 6.

Books 2, 3, and 4 enter the world of Lord Draco’s Blackstone Masters. (which was introduced in Book 1: Submissive’s Journey) and will take place at Blackstone Plantation with Lord Draco hosting. This book is a prequel to Submissive’s Journey. The three books center around a BDSM Bacchanalia.

TEMPTING FATE centralizes on the mystery of who is threatening Autumn Blessings and blackmailing her celebrity father, aging English rock star Sir Geoffrey Lloyd Westmoreland, following the sudden and mysterious death of her Haiti-born mother, Lovelie Blessings.

TEMPTING FATE explores the loyalties of the five friends tested and proves their destinies are more entwined than they’d ever imagined.

TEMPTING FATE proves forbidden love is worth fighting for.

Book 1: Living Vicariously

“I’m the monster your mother warned you about.” -Jonas Davies

Atlanta criminal defense attorney, A.J. Blessings, has always led a double life, straddling two worlds—one black, one white; one dirt poor, the other obscenely wealthy; one tangible, the other spiritual—and learned very early it was best to keep to the darkest corners. When she attends a steamy costume ball, she is kissed by a masked musician and Dominant, Jonas Davies, which sets off a series of events that will change her life forever, including being invited to a BDSM Nightclub, Dante’s, where an impulsive moment leads to a second Dominant, Master M., becoming obsessed with her.

Everything is not as it seems…

Unbeknownst to her, Autumn’s estranged aging rock star father is being blackmailed; the threat directed at her. Knowing people in high places, he entrusts her safety to the governments best black ops team, The Reapers, with the understanding they’ll use any means to get close to their very private protectee, but with the directive she never learn the truth about any of it and they will walk away in the end.

With secrets, lies, and danger afoot…

The greater journey lies in the truths The Reapers keep from their protectee. Dominants, their play is dark and dangerous, and for one sadism isn’t a game at all…it’s an illness.

Books 2, 3, and 4

Lord Draco’s Kinky Bacchanalia’s are legendary, honoring the soul of the drunken orgies originally paying homage to the Roman God Bacchus.

The large parties host hundreds of wealthy and famous partiers who party and play for real. Draco might have a two-drink rule for anyone demonstrating in the barn or running the kinky sex maze or playing in the dungeon, but everyone knows there’s an unlimited bar on the beach and a pipeline for anything and everything.

Book 2: Kinky Bacchanalia Games

Tired of being a watcher, Autumn is ready to do it all! Or is she?

Invited to go with her friends Juliet, Delilah, and Kim to Lord Draco’s BDSM Samhain Bacchanalia, she assumes they will all be hanging out together, but there are secrets being kept and outsides forces conspiring to keep her and her friends apart in an attempt to make Autumn vulnerable.

New to kink, Autumn is determined to experience everything the bacchanalia offers even if that means exploring without her besties. The Sex Maze Trick or Treat for solo subbies sounds perfect, and who doesn’t enjoy a kinky scavenger hunt?

When Master Jonas Davies and Master M. also arrive it seems mere coincidence, and although Autumn shares an incredible chemistry with both dominants, she’s determined to avoid them both to explore her newly discovered dark sensuality on her own. So why does she keep ending up in their arms, is it fate?

And when a dangerous encounter with a gator named Lucinda lands her smack dab in the middle of a public discipline session with the host, she knows she’s fallen into the deep end without a life vest.

Book 3: Kinkier Bacchanalia Games

“I’m not a child!” -Juliet Benhaim

Attending Lord Draco’s BDSM Samhain Bacchanalia isn’t new to Juliet Benhaim, she’s attended in the past with Delilah, Kim, and Sherilynn, but this year Sherilynn is in Tokyo and they’ve invited vanilla-wallflower Autumn along. Juliet’s excited to return to the sensual and spooky world Lord Draco creates. The staged scenes in The Stables are sure to be first-rate and the kinky Sex Maze is sure to be a blast! Wait, did someone say Naked Rodeo?

And since discovering her intended, Mikha’el, is the one and only Master M, Juliet is determined to dive deep into the BDSM pool, because he still sees her as a child and that isn’t boding well for her big, fat, Jewish princess dream wedding in Central Park. Once he sees she can be a perfect submissive, he’s sure to come around, right?

Juliet’s excited to share the sensual world with her friends but may not be ready for sharing the Orgy Room with her besties in that way. Group sex was never part of the plan. But then, neither was wearing a school girl uniform and the protection collar of experienced dominant, Uncle Victor. How did that happen?

And why can she not keep track of Autumn? Or Master M?