A Little Indulgence

A Little Indulgence

It's Gonna take Two Daddies To Handle this Little

Koko is a Lolita J-Pop mega star, facing a Eurasian Tour after the death of her guardian. Mentally, physically, and emotionally not ready to face a grueling road trip, her doctors insist she renege on her professional obligations, but an attempt to delay the tour results in threats from her record label’s owner.

Julian Van Zant is an aging rock star who had one great experience in his life that outshone all others: an age-play relationship with a woman named Angélique. However, she fled for a normal vanilla life.

A chance encounter with a woman he knows only by reputation leaves him worried about her safety. When she offers him the chance of a lifetime to be both her travel companion and Daddy, it seems like he’s finally been given a second chance.

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About the Book
Series: A Little Bedtime Story, Book 1
Genres: Age Play Romance, Contemporary Romance, Spanking Romance
Tags: Age Play, D/s, DDLG, Koko Story Set, Menage a Troi, Romance
ISBN: 9781982946388
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