Healing From the Big Mistakes (Van Zant Siblings, Alexandra Book Five)

Healing From the Big Mistakes (Van Zant Siblings, Alexandra Book Five)

It’s time for a wedding, but Alexandra’s zealot stalker plans to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Geneticist and science advisor to the president, Alexandra Van Zant is marrying her lifelong love, Patrick “Gabe” Gowan. But will the most anticipated wedding of the year a global media event become the stage for her nemesis's most daring attack? Having proven again and again she can foil the madman and prevent his use of biological weapons, she may not be prepared to battle both the demon in her mind whispering lies, and the madman.

Alexandra’s Stalker is leaving nothing to chance and decides the easiest course of action is to “forcefully recruit” the only scientist who can make the dream a reality and sees her fiancé and two other ménage partners as necessary collateral damage.

The longer Alexandra remains medication-free for the sake of her unborn twins, the more her mind becomes her greatest foe. Conor Larkin becomes her mental health advocate, but when her alternative treatment plan includes Conor becoming her full-time Dominant, the power dynamic shifts in chaotic proportions. Will the four lovers' commitment to each other be the foundation from which they can finally unite when the time comes to save the world or will their competing needs and interests rip them and their world apart?

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About the Book

Author Note:

When I started to write the Van Zant Series, I thought each sibling might have a story to tell, and it would be neat and tidy and—then I met the big family, which can only be described as dysfunctional, gregarious, and insanely loyal. I discovered the eleven siblings are disastrously beautiful down to the bottom of their damaged souls, their stories dangerous and messy. The series, once only a single title for Brian years ago, Survival Instinct, now continues with the introduction of Alexandra in Surviving the Big Mistake…and continuing in Consequences of the Big MistakeLearning from the Big MistakesShibari PresenceHealing from the Big Mistakes, and Revelations of the Big Mistakes.

Jessica is introduced in Learning from the BIG Mistakesbecause the sisters, Alexandra and Jessica, may be separated by six years in age but are connected by a love and loyalty to each other that is boundless. There is nothing one would not do for the other, because they are more aware and understanding of their siblings’ pain than their own.

Jessica’s own story is told in two parts: Learning to Breathe and Learning to Breathe Again; Jessica and Alexandra’s storylines converge in Shibari Presence.

Two siblings, Julian and Liam, star in a breakout series that explores age play, the DDLG and BDSM lifestyles, and spanking:A Little Bedtime Series. Currently told in three books known as Koko’s Book One, Two, Three—A Little IndulgenceA Little in Danger, and A Little Kinky Adventure—will extend to a fourth book soon. On the Van Zant World timeline, A Little in Danger and Revelations of the Big Mistakes coincide.

I can’t wait to introduce even more siblings, so I hope you love reading about this family as much as I’ve enjoyed sharing their story. So drop me a line at roxyharte@gmail.com or visit my website at www.roxyharte.com to leave me feedback and join Roxy Harte’s VIP Readers to stay up to date on new releases. Or if you are interested, I have a Facebook reader’s group who often get first looks with Advanced Reader’s Copies.

I love hearing from my readers.

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Series: Van Zant Siblings, Alexandra, Book 8
Tags: BDSM, Biological Weapon Urban Warfare, D/s, Kickass Heroine, Menage a Quatre, Romance, Shibari
ISBN: 1790138086
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