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Happy Valentine’s Day FREE BOOK!

To celebrate #BlackHistoryMonth
PAINTED LADY was released on Valentine’s Day 2009!
I re-eleased it in time to offer it to you for free February 13- February 17
💋xox Roxy💋

“I can rescue myself just fine, thank you.” – Lucy Bowman

So Much is Happening!

Okay, so with me, I’m now watching two grandsons during the week, one a couple days, the other four days, so my writing time is a prized commodity; I wouldn’t miss opportunity for anything though. Babies are only babies for such a short time and every moment I have with them is precious.

The first three Chronicles of Surrender are now available! With book 2, Sacred Revelations offered FREE Tuesday 19 to Saturday 24. So grab it whe you can.

Bk1: Sacred Secrets

Bk2: Sacred Revelations

Bk3: Unholy Promises

All of the Chronicles are now offered on Kindle Unlimited #KU and I made that decision based on how much I am enjoying my membership! Saving $$ and finding a slew of new authors to read…


Hi, I’m Roxy and I’m a Reading Addict! Seriously, I average reading 250-300 books per year in addition to my writing! 🤓🤪😎 Reading is cool.

The next book in the Chronicles of Surrender line-up is Echoes of Redemption! Wanna sneak peek at the cover?

⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

So there you have it and that just covers
the Chronicles of Surrender
I’ll try to update on the other stories I’m working on soon!
Take care and Thank you for reading a Roxy Harte novel!
xoxo 💋
PS please be kind and review, indie authors like me really rely on Amazon ratings to get our stories seen and read!


Having trouble finding your little/Daddy persona wherever and whenever you can?

I completely understand!q I also have three decades to learn that there are crests and valleys that make the journey to true self all the more precious.

One tip is creating a daily space for you to be “you” whether that is your little or your Big. I know littles whose sanctuary is found alone, in the tub behind closed doors every night. Bubblebath, Tub crayons, body paints, toys are kept hidden and locked away the rest of the day…

Another has stacks of adult coloring books and crayons so that her little can surface multiple times a day (15 minutes here or there, she says keeps her sane and her little alive)

I have many daily coping “little mechanisms” but by far my most cherished is the sanctuary/pleasure I find in World of Warcraft.I created a specific avatar in World of Warcraft that is a way for me to escape my adult responsibilities when I’m completely overwhelmed.

Since I’m little, not Big I only know what I’ve experienced…
Daddies who have their Daddy caves/dens/home office and embrace their Daddy Super Power behind their desks or in their special “Daddies Chair”. The secret place littles see peeks into but never invades to keep the Daddy power Mystic firmly in place (and allows for shaking hands or knees if summoned to Daddy/Sir’s space for reprimand)…

Or maybe you are the type Daddy most at home in the garage, head tucked under a raised hood, hands busy. A sternly voiced command from Big within the cooler garage can instill just as many butterflies in the little tummy…

Or you might be the type Big who is a true nurturer and finds solace in the kitchen making fun snacks and healthy meals (you fully know the magic power freshly baked, warm from the oven ooey-gooey cookies have to reduce your little to blushes and giggles…

Whether you are living the 24/7 dream lifestyle or fit your little/Big into a few hours here and there, you are amazing! Keep doing you!

Mleet my little avatar.. Bippity. Here with her pet undead monkey pirate and her cranky cradle. Her protector demon Blue and Daddy Baphamet are out of camera range…


The Van Zant Siblings Series continues …

Alexandra Van Zant sixth book: Revelations of the Big Mistakes!

Given the task of saving humanity and stolen from the men who love her, Alexandra alone must save the world.

Geneticist, Alexandra Van Zant has married her childhood friend, Gabe, but facing a high-risk pregnancy off the medications that control her manic depression, decides only her partner Conor will be able to keep her in subspace and help her to learn to control her mind and see her pregnancy continue as long as possible. So her romantic honeymoon with Gabe is relinquished to Conor. His sole intent to train her to be his perfect slave. Will their efforts be enough to save the unborn twins?

When an attack meant to kill her men and daughter, the ménage à quatre flees, determined to remain off the grid until the mad man can be captured. In Paris, the city of love, Conor takes Alexandra’s mind into a deeper submission than either Gabe or Jonathon are comfortable. Will the marriage and ménage survive Alexandra submitting fully to Conor’s control?

As weeks turn to months of Alexandra solely focused on Conor, Gabe and Jonathon’s love and faith in the ménage à quatre’s strength to survive keep them going. Neither have forgotten the power and danger the foe determined to find and use Alexandra represents, but when he reveals the final trick up his sleep no one sees it coming. Leaving the only question that matters: Can Alexandra save the world?

Submissive’s Journey is now available!

FREE on KU; ebook $2.99/print $14.00

The first book in the new series MASTERS OF BLACKSTONE!

Submissive’s Journey is about Julia, human trafficking and sex slave survivor; and Everett, the hot Dom who has helped retrain many abused and damaged submissives and find them dominants who are safe, sane, and consensual. Obsessed with Julia, he wants to help her heal and keep her for himself, but will she ever be ready for D/s again? Add in the danger of the organization of the organization hunting her and this is one you won’t want to put down!

Going Wide

What is ‘Going wide’?

Basically offering many of my novels at a lot of locations not solely Amazon… All of my novels will be available at Amazon, but some will soon be at Barnes and Noble, GooglePlay, Kobo, Scribd, and others… if you don’t see me where you normally shop, please message me letting me know where because I want my stories to be accessible.

What does that mean for my Kindle Unlimited Readers?

Kindle Unlimited is a ninety-day agreement to be exclusive with Amazon. And every new release will be offered as KU first. So if you read KU exclusively, make sure to sign up to my Newsletter to get notifications for all new releases as soon as possible!

What About My Print Readers?

For now, I will be offering print through Amazon only. Unless you want a signed copy and those come directly from me and can be ordered through my email address or via any FB or MeWe messages. I use PayPal exclusively for Autographed copies.

Pre-order now available for $.99 … price goes up after release to $4.99

Grab SHIBARI PRESENCE while you can save big! Now $.99

Available September 25… price will be going up!

Sisters prove the ties of their heart can withstand the test of rope.

Alexandra Book 4
Van Zant Siblings Series

When Alexandra’s sister calls her fiancé in the middle of the night frantically in need of a Shibari Master, Alexandra learns yet another secret about Gabe and falls headfirst into his kinky past. Not realizing the emotional turmoil she is about to propel herself into, Alexandra insists Gabe be Jessica’s rigger since he learned Shibari from Jessica’s husband and has bound Jessica in the past.

Gabe isn’t thrilled with Alexandra’s plan, since his and Jessica’s shared secrets go farther back than anyone realizes. Knowing it’s about to get real, he brings in a back-up rope master, Francisco Emanuel to top Jessica. With Alexandra’s high-risk pregnancy and bipolar disorder leaving her teetering closer and closer to the abyss, he fears wrapping her sister in his rope may be the last straw.

Alexandra has her own ideas, demanding Gabe not only use the opportunity to share his love of Shibari with her but demands he dominate her as well. Will their relationship implode as secret after secret comes out? Or is their ménage too tightly bound for anyone to fall?
Author’s Note:
91K words
This 2018 Edition has been revised and expanded, previously released in 2016

A Busy September is Coming!

As my month shapes up I am releasing in September the rest of the Van Zant Siblings Series (to date because it is an ongoing series!) including:

  • Shibari Presence, Alexandra Book 4
  • Learning to Breathe Again, Jessica Book 2
  • Healing from the Big Mistakes, Alexandra Book 5
  • Revelations of the Big Mistakes, Alexandra Book 6


Home Alone: DDLG A Little Unsupervised

For the adult who identifies as Little, but is between Caregivers, or whose Daddy Dom abandoned them … or for the Little in a LDR… or the Little whose Daddy/Mommy Dom/me travels extensively…

  • Being Little is sometimes hard!
  • Regression may seem like a far off dream…
  • But take heart, because I believe in you! You’ve got this!
How to Little when Home Alone (Tips for the Unsupervised!)
  • Watch cartoons
  • Take bubblebaths
  • Eat dinner in the bathtub; remember, you are a prince/cess
  • Color!
  • Dance naked or covered in glitter or covered in body paint cause no one is looking! Really! You really can do what you want! Umm, you also have to clean up the mess, so keep that in mind when going crazy… or just totally do your thing, make a mess, and deal with the consequences tomorrow, or next week, or whenever…

How to Make Decisions When Little With No One To Help
  • If this is a Legal thing -call a lawyer (many do consults on the cheap or free if they think they can get a settlement)
  • If this is a Medical thing, get a doctor’s opinion and a second/third/fourth opinion if needed…
  • If this is a Safety Issue – Find the Adult in Charge: Landlord, Grounds Maintenance, Police Officer
  • If this is a Mechanical Difficulties Thing: Call the Fix-It Guy whether IT, plumbing, electrical, automotive service
  • Okay, okay, I hear you, you are flat broke and all of the above cost money, but you are also cute as a button and everyone knows somebody who is a Fix-it guy especially the neighborhood car-guy, electrical-guy, heat and air-guy etc … work those favors and I hope you make amazing chocolate chip cookies…when I was a single little, I made a lot of cookies in trade for oil changes and other services…
  •  Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe is a legit little system for choosing…
  • Coin tosses work.
  • If all else fails CRY! Never underestimate the power of tears. Tears are healing, cleansing, fresh-start making drops of power!
  • If Crying fails, SCREAM, big, huge, primal energy, soul rebirthing screams can make even the hardest adulting thing you face bearable.
  • Visit the animal shelter…volunteer to be a cat holder, dog walker, etc…
  • Volunteer: check adult centers, soup kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes…
  •  Send $2 to the non-profit of your choice, make sure they have your phone number! (This is important) Be available for many and often calls from unknown phone callers…these people want your money, you know how to talk and be adorable and are very good at asking why to keep the conversation going… This really does work.
  • Have work Insurance that provides Healthy Lifestyle Coaches? Get registered! Set tiny goals you can meet and weekly motivational calls…these people will call you at designated times and they WANT TO HEAR about how you are feeling!
You are still seriously lonely?
  • Meet-ups are great for finding people who are into what you are into!
  • Check for local Meetings like Book-clubs at neighborhood bookstores and libraries too!
  • Okay, this one is a hit or miss, but you figure, everyone is a little lonely…call a random number and ask for Joe or JoAnne (Choose sex based on who answers matching male to boy name etc) they will tell you that you have a wrong number. You will try again…and again…on the third call, you can say: “My name’s x, do you feel like chatting about random stuff for awhile?” … do not get mad if they say ‘No’ and hang up on you, be tenacious and call another number… Eventually you will find someone as bored and lonely as you are… safety is important so never ever reveal personal info like addresses or where you go to school or work. But even when a miss or two, you’re going to connect with a human and sometimes that’s all it takes…

At the End of the Day, Remember You Are Important!
  • Never, ever discount your own feelings.
  • Always love yourself!
  • Before cutting, or swallowing pills, or drinking too much reach out to a friend who knows you are a struggling little and see if they have time to chat, meet for coffee, or lunch, or a movie…
Sometimes self-care requires a reminder APP…

check your play store for the appropriate one for you. I have a few myself to help me remember to:

  • Take my medications ontime
  • Drink water
  • Eat
  • Track my calories
  • Track my exercise, menstrual cycle, blood-pressure, moods
And remember… YOU ARE VALID

Unabashed Self-Promotion: I love writing DDLG inspired stories. Find them on
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more DDLG Stories are coming when I introduce Josie in A LITTLE LOST
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A Little Lost, Josie Book One -Roxy Harte 2018 Coming soon…

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Hot Button Forum Topic: A Few Words About Teens and DDLG

A Word About Teenage DDLG identity

Facts are facts and teenagers mature sexually at an age younger than 18, which defines adult status set by law in the USA. For this reason some teenagers find themselves at odds with that which is acceptable and are angry when turned away by law-abiding DDLG Group. A worse scenario is their attempt to sneak into a law-abiding DDLG group or asking the owner or appointed admin of such a group to break the rules this one time. When in doubt, using a legal ID is appropriate to allow or block entry is appropriate and responsible adult behavior.

Roxy Harte discourages the participation or acceptance of any teenager in groups populated by adults or designated as for adults only as it only leads to a muddying of the terminology and opens adult DDLG groups to attack by outsiders.

That said, teenagers do need spaces where they can be accepted for their identity, which should never allow admittance of any adult including the ownership or management of such a group. A non-sexual underage role-playing group owned, operated, and populated by teens 17 years old and under is the only acceptable solution.

All articles, essays, and novels written by Roxy Harte are intended for a mature audience over the age of legal adult status in the country of origin and/or country distributed to.