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“I could say I fall in love easily, but the truth is I fall out of love overnight.”
Debonair Dyke, Roxy Harte 2018

Danson O’Brian, renowned writer and gender educator, is recognized as the most eligible lesbian in New York. Strong, confident, sexy, she embodies genderqueer in a dramatic fashion. She loves her life, loves her women and really, truly loves the excitement of the city.

However, life hasn’t always been so perfect. Growing up in Kansas, Danni felt like an outsider, preferring cars to dolls and, as a teen, rebuilding car engines was more her thing than a day at the mall. She never fit in. After her father experiences a stroke, she’s needed to keep the family business going until he recovers. She doesn’t think twice about boarding a bus, but even though she’s changed, the people in town haven’t.

Jessica Morrison, the “town whore” and the sexiest woman Danni’s ever seen, may be her only salvation, especially when she learns Jessica secretly likes girls and might be interested in a few discreet rendezvous. Except Danni gave up keeping secrets long ago, and she isn’t about to go back in the closet now.

#LGBTQIA #EroticRomance #ContemporaryRomance #LesbianRomance

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