The Van Zant Siblings Series continues …

Alexandra Van Zant sixth book: Revelations of the Big Mistakes!

Given the task of saving humanity and stolen from the men who love her, Alexandra alone must save the world.

Geneticist, Alexandra Van Zant has married her childhood friend, Gabe, but facing a high-risk pregnancy off the medications that control her manic depression, decides only her partner Conor will be able to keep her in subspace and help her to learn to control her mind and see her pregnancy continue as long as possible. So her romantic honeymoon with Gabe is relinquished to Conor. His sole intent to train her to be his perfect slave. Will their efforts be enough to save the unborn twins?

When an attack meant to kill her men and daughter, the ménage à quatre flees, determined to remain off the grid until the mad man can be captured. In Paris, the city of love, Conor takes Alexandra’s mind into a deeper submission than either Gabe or Jonathon are comfortable. Will the marriage and ménage survive Alexandra submitting fully to Conor’s control?

As weeks turn to months of Alexandra solely focused on Conor, Gabe and Jonathon’s love and faith in the ménage à quatre’s strength to survive keep them going. Neither have forgotten the power and danger the foe determined to find and use Alexandra represents, but when he reveals the final trick up his sleep no one sees it coming. Leaving the only question that matters: Can Alexandra save the world?

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