Now Available! and Coming Soon!


There are five series currently in production… which means new titles are coming: Little Bedtime Stories,  the Chronicles of Surrender,  and Roxy’s current focus, creating the world of the Masters of Blackstone, which shares some of the characters from the Van Zant Siblings, Chronicles of Surrender, and introducing a new series Twisted Fate.

DDLG Romance Lover?

In addition to the scheduled release of A Little Temptation, which introduces Koko’s bestie, Kit Kat, two new littles are being outlined: Josie and Anabelle…

Stand Alones?

You betcha, I have several stand alones with HEA…

What’s Coming Soon?

Currently, the re-release of the Van Zant Siblings is the immediate focus. There are currently 5 novels available.

After three publishers and twenty years of passion meeting frustration, Roxy Harte has regained the rights to all of the CHRONICLES OF SURRENDER! Whoa, does that mean Kitten, Garrett, and Lord Fyre have a future? You Betcha!

Over the next few months the original six will be released… Roxy is dusting them off, shaking out all the wrinkles, updating the setting to present day, and expanding each and every one …

Can I get a Hell-Yeah?

Ummm, the Chronicles of Surrender?

Ohhh…a Kitten virgin you are? Shivers… Roxy was writing about pet play before ears and tails were buyable online…because there was no online! You’re gonna get a kick out of the D/s menage of Celia, Garrett, and Thomas ie Kitten, Lord Ice, and Lord Fyre… introduced in Sacred Secrets.

That other series…

The Van Zant Siblings are eleven of the kinkiest brothers and sisters you are probably ever going to meet. So far Alexandra, Jessica, Julian and Liam have their stories online or in progress… that leaves a lot of siblings to explore.

Did you say age play?

Julian and Liam Van Zant’s story spans two series falling into the timeline of the Van Zant series, but also the first set of age play and Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG) Lifestyle series: Little Bedtime Stories. You can find more information about age play and DDLG here.

Reading Order for the Van Zant Siblings if timelines matter to you…

  1. Survival Instinct
  1. Surviving the BIG Mistakes
  2. Consequences of the BIG Mistakes
  3. Learning from the BIG Mistakes
  4. Shibari Presence
  5. Healing from the BIG Mistakes
  6. Revelations of the BIG Mistakes

Van Zant Siblings /Little Bedtime Story

Julian and Liam (age play/DDLG)

Chronicles of Surrender

  1. Sacred Secrets
  2. Sacred Revelations
  3. Unholy Promises
  4. Echoes of Redemption
  5. Cries of Penance