Going Wide

What is ‘Going wide’?

Basically offering many of my novels at a lot of locations not solely Amazon… All of my novels will be available at Amazon, but some will soon be at Barnes and Noble, GooglePlay, Kobo, Scribd, and others… if you don’t see me where you normally shop, please message me letting me know where because I want my stories to be accessible.

What does that mean for my Kindle Unlimited Readers?

Kindle Unlimited is a ninety-day agreement to be exclusive with Amazon. And every new release will be offered as KU first. So if you read KU exclusively, make sure to sign up to my Newsletter to get notifications for all new releases as soon as possible!

What About My Print Readers?

For now, I will be offering print through Amazon only. Unless you want a signed copy and those come directly from me and can be ordered through my email address roxyharte@gmail.com or via any FB or MeWe messages. I use PayPal exclusively for Autographed copies.

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