Hot Button Forum Topic: A Few Words About Teens and DDLG

A Word About Teenage DDLG identity

Facts are facts and teenagers mature sexually at an age younger than 18, which defines adult status set by law in the USA. For this reason some teenagers find themselves at odds with that which is acceptable and are angry when turned away by law-abiding DDLG Group. A worse scenario is their attempt to sneak into a law-abiding DDLG group or asking the owner or appointed admin of such a group to break the rules this one time. When in doubt, using a legal ID is appropriate to allow or block entry is appropriate and responsible adult behavior.

Roxy Harte discourages the participation or acceptance of any teenager in groups populated by adults or designated as for adults only as it only leads to a muddying of the terminology and opens adult DDLG groups to attack by outsiders.

That said, teenagers do need spaces where they can be accepted for their identity, which should never allow admittance of any adult including the ownership or management of such a group. A non-sexual underage role-playing group owned, operated, and populated by teens 17 years old and under is the only acceptable solution.

All articles, essays, and novels written by Roxy Harte are intended for a mature audience over the age of legal adult status in the country of origin and/or country distributed to.

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