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More DDLG Novels Coming Soon!

Some of my readers have asked if Koko or the Little Bedtime Stories series will have future books and the answer is yes!!

I am writing a fourth book for Koko: A LITTLE TEMPTATION
I am introducing two new littles…
The first will appear in Koko’s 4th book and *spoiler* she is the temptation. The question is who will be tempted by this fireball? Koko? Julian? Or Liam? And, oh no, is the menage a troi at risk…
I’m pleading the fifth. I’m only comfortable with one spoiler per blog post… sorry.

I am writing a new little!

Josie, a budding country singer, is rising up the charts with her singin

A Little Rage Issue Little Bedtime Story – Josie coming summer 2018

g duo partner and fiance Stephan, but he is a lying, cheating horndog who is trying to destroy her reputation so he can keep climbing the charts solo. So is there any wonder why she has A LITTLE RAGE ISSUE? I wonder if there is a sexy cowboy available to help her regress and enjoy life as a little while protecting her from Stephan and encouraging her to pursue her secret passions?

Interested in learning more about the subgroup of BDSM known as DDLG – Daddy Dom Little Girl (or Mommy, or Little Boys)? I wrote this article: Understanding DDLG Relationships

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Prodigal Slave c2018
by Roxy Harte

He waits for me. He insisted I take the train instead of driving, even though driving would have taken less than an hour. It was to be a journey separating myself from all that I was in the moments before I checked my baggage and stepped onto the train.

I’m a wreck. I chew a fingernail nervously, knowing as the train stops that this is it. There’s no turning back now. I close my eyes. Thinking? Praying? Remembering? I wonder what in the hell I was thinking to board this train.

He stands at baggage waiting for me and as I cross to him I don’t give a second thought to the fact that God, security and dozens of passengers are watching as I fall to my knees in front of him, tears streaming over my cheeks, my forehead bowed against his thighs. His hand wraps in my hair, pulling me to my feet, his lips gracing my forehead, whispering the words I’ve dreamed for two decades, “You have pleased me greatly this night, Cassiopeia.”

In the car his hand caresses my knee as he drives me to his home, the home we’d once shared. My gut clenches as I remember the fully equipped dungeon hidden away in his basement. As if reading my mind his hand slides higher, cupping my tingling pussy, sending shivers and more up my spine. “Glad to be going home, love?”

“Home is in Glenview,” I answer softly.

“No.” His firm tone implies anger, though the look he gives me is soft, regret-filled. “Home was never there—with him—you belong to me. You always have and always will. Do you forget you wear my mark?”

My thoughts fly to a night twenty years ago when he branded my right ass cheek with his mark—a filigree heart. Heat flares there as it always does when I consider it. Once, I belonged to François Rene de Hart.

“No, I’ve never forgotten.” I whisper, afraid of my own voice, adding even more softly, “Master.”

His smile tells me he is pleased with my answer and he pats my knee before reaching up to untie the belt cinching closed my camel trench coat. Parting the cloth, he reveals scant velvet and indecent swells of flesh. Damn those twenty pounds and then some…more likely thirty by the figure revealed in the mirror before I’d fled my bedroom.

Self-conscious, I scan the dark horizon beyond the car window, pulling my lip between my teeth in an effort to hold back my tears.

“Look at me, Cassiopeia.”

Hesitantly, I meet his eyes.

“First, welcome home.”

My mouth makes an “O” as I realize we are going through the imposing iron gates.

“Second, you are no longer the young girl I lost. You have grown into an incredibly beautiful woman. And third—”

His pause brings my gaze back around to his as he parks in the garage, the door automatically lowering behind us. Gentle fingers trace my jawline and pull me forward into him for a painfully gentle, excruciatingly long, well-practiced kiss. When he finally releases my lips, I barely manage to croak, “Third?”

“You will now be punished for running away.”

His answer is as short and abrupt as his exit from the car. Before I realize what he said, he is beside my door, opening it and helping me out, placing a firm hand on my elbow in case I harbor plans for escape.

Oh, hell. My mind races, my palms and armpits suddenly leaking buckets. Nervous chatter fills the air—me rambling. Arguments. “I don’t deserve this. I came running when you summoned me, didn’t I?” and “This was your fault. You knew my biological clock was ticking,” and the true moment of desperation, “Everyone has to grow up sooner or later. It was time for me to grow up and give up silly games.”

The last stopped him cold. We’d made it all the way to the final basement stair. He demands coldly, “Silly games?”

I stumble back a step.

His face, hidden in shadow, seems suddenly even more sinister with age than I’d remembered. It is the look he had once used to instill instant fear, but I am a mature woman now, intent on standing firm. It is all a game and to pretend otherwise is insanity. Twenty years has made me too old for games. I should have stayed in my safe, quiet neighborhood. But then, here I am, toe-to-toe and eye–to-eye with the man who’s filled the starring role in every fantasy I’ve invented over those same years. Frankie. My Frankie. My Master. The one man in my life who’d never harmed me—not mentally, physically or emotionally.

So why am I suddenly shaking in my four-inch heels? It was never a game. It was our life together. My mind flies back to the first time he led me down this same staircase.

“I’m afraid,” I whisper—same words, same trembling voice as then. “I don’t want any pain.”

Master’s face softens and I know he is remembering also.

“I promise I won’t do anything you don’t want me to do—anything you don’t need me to do.”

It is an echo, almost word for word, of the promise he’d made the night he introduced me to His World. His very real world. To him it was never a game at all. Suddenly, a lump fills my throat and tears are again streaming down my face. I fall to my knees for a second time in less than an hour, this time clutching his hand, pulling it to my lips. I kiss his fingers over and over again, sobbing, blubbering apologies, smearing tears and snot and spit over his knuckles until I can barely breathe.

Kneeling beside me, he pulls me into his arms. “God, I’ve missed you, Cassiopeia.”

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In The Beginning … The Prequel

This is big, I mean really, really big news for fans of the Chronicles of Surrender… js.


Coming in 2018… I don’t have a release date yet, because my life fell over a cliff and I’m still climbing out of the hole but I wanted to let y’all know this is in the works because… yeah, I’m totally excited about the Chronicles of Surrender Rerelease and so …

May I present… the Prequel … Garrett, Tony, and Lord Fyre’s story.

Koko’s Adventures Continue

My third DDLG Erotic Romance, featuring Koko and the Van Zant brothers, Julian and Liam, is now availABLE!

A Little Kinky Adventure

The Eurasia Tour is over for Lolita J-Pop mega star, Koko, and her lovers, brothers Julian and Liam Van Zant. For six months Julian has been the man she calls Daddy; his brother Liam, Papi; however on her final photoshoot things go terribly wrong because sometimes her mouth gets her in really big trouble. Things said in anger that should never be said, place their ménage à troi in jeopardy.

Liam tries to repair the damage in a most unorthodox way by taking Koko for a long weekend getaway filled with dancing and kink, but will showing her his darker side be too much or just enough to hold on to the woman who has wrapped both he and his brother around her finger?

Julian would do anything to take back his threatened discipline but knows consistent firmness are exactly what his little pop star needs in her life.

For Koko, the situation is dire. Without the constant pace of tour to occupy her mind, reliving her best friend, Ikuta’s, final minutes consumes her nightmares and waking hours. With her lovers torn between anger and worry, she fears nothing will ever be the same. Is love enough to conquer all?

Note: Although the protagonist, Koko, is well beyond the age of consent, she presents part time as a “little”; that is, she acts like a young girl. The sex in this series takes place between consenting adults, but those with a history of childhood sexual abuse or incest may find this triggering.

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Now let me tell you about my Van Zant Sibling Series… let me say up front all of the titles are under contract but may not yet be available but coming soon and are in the production process so watch my page for updates… not yet available signified by *

BRIAN: it started as a single title about Brian, one of twelve siblings, is a coming-out story and tells about the betrayal of his husband who dallied with his twin… SURVIVAL INSTINCT

ALEXANDRA: when this uber-genius started whispering in my ear I thought single title, but then everyone fell in love with her. She’s OCD, ADHD, bi-polar, and a science genius…and such a beautiful mess. What was she thinking when a shot of tequila with her best mate turned into many shots and a menage a quatre on the bartop with his best mates…needless to say SURVIVING THE BIG MISTAKES had a lot of story and ongoing suspense… CONSEQUENCES OF THE BIG MISTAKES, LEARNING FROM THE BIG MISTAKES, SHIBARI PRESENCE, *HEALING FROM THE BIG MISTAKES, and *REVELATIONS OF THE BIG MISTAKES followed.

JESSICA: the oldest, big sister to Alexandra and eleven brothers, is a war widow with two teenagers and a life do-over plan on the beach (perfect summer read, right?) not convinced? Sun, sand, shibari, and not one romantic interest but three! With screaming orgasms in decadent proportions: LEARNING TO BREATHE and *LEARNING TO BREATHE AGAIN

JULIAN and LIAM: inseparable brothers in life, livelihood, and libido… these two are two hot to handle and introduce my DDLG (age play) series: A LITTLE BEDTIME STORY… where you meet Koko, who is a 22 year old J-Pop Diva who wears Lolita fashions and big colorful wigs and stands only 4’8”, a dream come true baby doll ingenue (if you disapprove of spankings, Daddy-little girl sex games between consenting, unrelated adults, move on )


This series is ongoing, there are up to six more siblings to meet! And this is one kinky family!