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Having trouble finding your little/Daddy persona wherever and whenever you can?

I completely understand!q I also have three decades to learn that there are crests and valleys that make the journey to true self all the more precious.

One tip is creating a daily space for you to be “you” whether that is your little or your Big. I know littles whose sanctuary is found alone, in the tub behind closed doors every night. Bubblebath, Tub crayons, body paints, toys are kept hidden and locked away the rest of the day…

Another has stacks of adult coloring books and crayons so that her little can surface multiple times a day (15 minutes here or there, she says keeps her sane and her little alive)

I have many daily coping “little mechanisms” but by far my most cherished is the sanctuary/pleasure I find in World of Warcraft.I created a specific avatar in World of Warcraft that is a way for me to escape my adult responsibilities when I’m completely overwhelmed.

Since I’m little, not Big I only know what I’ve experienced…
Daddies who have their Daddy caves/dens/home office and embrace their Daddy Super Power behind their desks or in their special “Daddies Chair”. The secret place littles see peeks into but never invades to keep the Daddy power Mystic firmly in place (and allows for shaking hands or knees if summoned to Daddy/Sir’s space for reprimand)…

Or maybe you are the type Daddy most at home in the garage, head tucked under a raised hood, hands busy. A sternly voiced command from Big within the cooler garage can instill just as many butterflies in the little tummy…

Or you might be the type Big who is a true nurturer and finds solace in the kitchen making fun snacks and healthy meals (you fully know the magic power freshly baked, warm from the oven ooey-gooey cookies have to reduce your little to blushes and giggles…

Whether you are living the 24/7 dream lifestyle or fit your little/Big into a few hours here and there, you are amazing! Keep doing you!

Mleet my little avatar.. Bippity. Here with her pet undead monkey pirate and her cranky cradle. Her protector demon Blue and Daddy Baphamet are out of camera range…

Home Alone: DDLG A Little Unsupervised

For the adult who identifies as Little, but is between Caregivers, or whose Daddy Dom abandoned them … or for the Little in a LDR… or the Little whose Daddy/Mommy Dom/me travels extensively…

  • Being Little is sometimes hard!
  • Regression may seem like a far off dream…
  • But take heart, because I believe in you! You’ve got this!
How to Little when Home Alone (Tips for the Unsupervised!)
  • Watch cartoons
  • Take bubblebaths
  • Eat dinner in the bathtub; remember, you are a prince/cess
  • Color!
  • Dance naked or covered in glitter or covered in body paint cause no one is looking! Really! You really can do what you want! Umm, you also have to clean up the mess, so keep that in mind when going crazy… or just totally do your thing, make a mess, and deal with the consequences tomorrow, or next week, or whenever…

How to Make Decisions When Little With No One To Help
  • If this is a Legal thing -call a lawyer (many do consults on the cheap or free if they think they can get a settlement)
  • If this is a Medical thing, get a doctor’s opinion and a second/third/fourth opinion if needed…
  • If this is a Safety Issue – Find the Adult in Charge: Landlord, Grounds Maintenance, Police Officer
  • If this is a Mechanical Difficulties Thing: Call the Fix-It Guy whether IT, plumbing, electrical, automotive service
  • Okay, okay, I hear you, you are flat broke and all of the above cost money, but you are also cute as a button and everyone knows somebody who is a Fix-it guy especially the neighborhood car-guy, electrical-guy, heat and air-guy etc … work those favors and I hope you make amazing chocolate chip cookies…when I was a single little, I made a lot of cookies in trade for oil changes and other services…
  •  Eeny-Meeny-Miney-Moe is a legit little system for choosing…
  • Coin tosses work.
  • If all else fails CRY! Never underestimate the power of tears. Tears are healing, cleansing, fresh-start making drops of power!
  • If Crying fails, SCREAM, big, huge, primal energy, soul rebirthing screams can make even the hardest adulting thing you face bearable.
  • Visit the animal shelter…volunteer to be a cat holder, dog walker, etc…
  • Volunteer: check adult centers, soup kitchens, hospitals, nursing homes…
  •  Send $2 to the non-profit of your choice, make sure they have your phone number! (This is important) Be available for many and often calls from unknown phone callers…these people want your money, you know how to talk and be adorable and are very good at asking why to keep the conversation going… This really does work.
  • Have work Insurance that provides Healthy Lifestyle Coaches? Get registered! Set tiny goals you can meet and weekly motivational calls…these people will call you at designated times and they WANT TO HEAR about how you are feeling!
You are still seriously lonely?
  • Meet-ups are great for finding people who are into what you are into!
  • Check for local Meetings like Book-clubs at neighborhood bookstores and libraries too!
  • Okay, this one is a hit or miss, but you figure, everyone is a little lonely…call a random number and ask for Joe or JoAnne (Choose sex based on who answers matching male to boy name etc) they will tell you that you have a wrong number. You will try again…and again…on the third call, you can say: “My name’s x, do you feel like chatting about random stuff for awhile?” … do not get mad if they say ‘No’ and hang up on you, be tenacious and call another number… Eventually you will find someone as bored and lonely as you are… safety is important so never ever reveal personal info like addresses or where you go to school or work. But even when a miss or two, you’re going to connect with a human and sometimes that’s all it takes…

At the End of the Day, Remember You Are Important!
  • Never, ever discount your own feelings.
  • Always love yourself!
  • Before cutting, or swallowing pills, or drinking too much reach out to a friend who knows you are a struggling little and see if they have time to chat, meet for coffee, or lunch, or a movie…
Sometimes self-care requires a reminder APP…

check your play store for the appropriate one for you. I have a few myself to help me remember to:

  • Take my medications ontime
  • Drink water
  • Eat
  • Track my calories
  • Track my exercise, menstrual cycle, blood-pressure, moods
And remember… YOU ARE VALID

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Babies, Littles, Middles, Brats?

DISCLAIMER: This information concerns the Adult Lifestyles ABDL and DDLG and does not in any way, shape, or form refer to or apply to actual children. Please do not ever compare adult lifestylers to actual pedophiles who are sick, twisted individuals.

Let me start by saying that the information on this page is based on my experiences and by no means a complete list of all the ways that the dynamics I am about to cover can be expressed. This information is intended only as a starting point of discovery or affirmation.

Wherever you fall in the ADBL-DDLG-BDSM spectrum, you are okay, you are valid and your choices, urges, needs are completely natural and nothing to be ashamed up. If you have come up against prejudices, disgust, fear, judgement, hate… I’m sorry you had to experience those things… but there are safe spaces where you can express yourself fully… and there is great joy and empowerment in finally accepting and embracing who you are!

In the realm of ABDL and DDLG there is a lot of confusion and prejudice still linked to the lifestyle choices of those who partake in the subcultures of BDSM known as ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) and DDLG (Daddy Dom Little Girl). Even among longtime kinksters there are misconceptions and misunderstanding… for vanilla outsiders, the confusion can lead to hate and disgust. Making it hard for people who long to live the lifestyle to be themselves or even ask the questions that would help them figure out who they are and what they want in a relationship.

If you have urges to regress, or feel like you’ve never really been fully adult, that being an adult is actually the role you’ve been forced to play, but that is a lie, because you are clearly ill-equipped emotionally to adult… never fear, there is a place for you where you can be yourself and find the love and validation you’ve longed for.

  • Little Age

Let’s start with the basics… Most littles can identify what age group their inner little fits into:

  1. ABDL- Baby – the youngest age-regression, typically infant-toddler
  2. Baby Girl/Baby Boy – regression to approx 3-5 yrs old
  3. Little – regression to approx 6-10
  4. Middles – regression to typical tweens to early teens
  5. Brat -regression to mid to older teen that is especially hard to manage: jokester/prankster, sassy or playfully, sarcastic, authority challenger, disrespectful
  6. Lolita – identity linked closely to fashion

So let’s break it down…


  • What is an Adult Baby, Diaper Lover? And what does the relationship look like when someone says they are into this lifestyle?

Attributes of their behavior might include:

  1. Non-verbal, communicating  with happy or sad sounds not words
  2. For the most part, the adult baby is free to express themselves as an infant.Bottles
  3. cribs
  4.  Thumb or Pacifier Sucking
  5. Bed wetting/Diaper wearer
  6. Tantrums
  7. Cuddler
  8. Range of motion restriction ie diaper-type spreader with wrist restraints
  9. Enjoys being held, carried, and cared for completely. ABDL can cuddle for hours.
  10. Watching cartoons is a favorite escape for many.
  11. Naptimes are more requirement than luxury for them to function well.
  12. Needy…Needy…Needy
  • Baby Girl – Baby Boy

A Baby Girl/Boy is an adult who behaves like an older baby who may still crave a paci or sippy cup but has mastered going potty and no longer requires a diaper but is still pre-school.

Behaviors probably include:

  1. Non-verbal under stress/Baby-talk other times
  2. Attachment to Stuffie
  3. Pacifier user
  4. Sippy cup use
  5. Needy…Needy…Needy
  6. Cute dresses, lacy socks, and Mary Janes as selected by nurturer
  7. Amenable to a large extent, exhibiting tantrums when unhappy
  8. Non-logical and sometimes unreasonable
  9. Rules are required but should be negotiated while both nurturer and regressor are in adult mind-space
  • What is a Little?

A little is an adult who behaves in the role of a child at a certain age, and there can be different  ages from older toddler to younger child. Typically less than 7 or 8 years old.

A little typically adapts to their circumstance, at home alone, or with their Daddy and close,  trusted friends, they can be at their littlest. At work most littles act their age or manage to find  jobs that support their personality. During a single day many littles float somewhere between the spectrum of their two personality types…

Preferred behaviors might include:

  1. Pacifier user
  2. Sippy cup use
  3. Needy…Needy…Needy
  4. Cute dresses, lacy socks, and Mary Janes
  5. Any pastel clothing that reflects their younger persona, including but not limited to T’s, hoodies, and accessories with cartoon characters…
  6. however there are also Goth/Creepy Littles who prefer black clothing and a decidedly darker vibe and that’s okay!
  7. Likes to play be it coloring, gaming, or sports… littles like to be entertained and can be very needy of attention.
  8. Many littles suffer high anxiety and fear of rejection. Sadly, most have experienced more than their fair share of abandonment, rejection, and judgement. Low Self-esteem is a common trait.
  9. Difficulty managing emotions. Self-harm is a common symptom
  10. For this reason rules determining self-care are a must.
  • What is a Middle

There are also  older adult littles who identify as tweens or teens and are typically referred to as Middles. In DDLG, unlike BDSM a Middle  personality is not shunned, ridiculed or punished for this endearing and maddening personality trait…both middles and brats are inherently mischievous, and often challenge the rules if not going so far as to break them in hopes of rattling their Doms or earning playful punishment. 

Few go so far as to be so disobedient as to earn true punishment and therein lies the problem for a straight BDSM dominant who does not like this type of submissive. Most Middles struggle under a hardcore dominant and the relationship is doomed to fail, or worse, the dominant succeeds in breaking their playful spirit.

Personality Attributes:

  1. Fun-loving, playful, mischievous
  2. Blushy, giggly
  3. Can be occasional tricksters, pranksters, jokesters
  4. Rarely misbehaves on purpose
  5. Quick to regret
  6. Back talker
  7. Bubble-blower Gum smacker
  8. Patience tester
  9. Needy…Needy…Needy
  • What is a Brat?

An Adult Brat has been shunned by the typical BDSM community as being a fake or non-submissive; however in the DDLG community a Brat identity is not shunned, ridiculed or punished for this endearing and maddening personality trait…

Both middles and brats are inherently mischievous, and often challenge the rules in hopes of rattling their Doms or earning playful punishment. However a true Brat almost always challenges the Dom/mes authority in an effort to be forced to submit. Requires a strong Daddy/Mommy Dom/me with extreme patience skills.

Usually are purposefully sassy/sarcastic, disrespectful/disobedient to earn true punishment and therein lies the problem for a straight BDSM dominant who does not like this type of submissive. All brats will struggle under a hardcore dominant and the relationship is doomed to fail, or worse, the dominant succeeds in breaking their spirit.

Personality Attributes:

  1. Fun-loving, playful, mischievous
  2. Sassy/Sarcastic, often Inappropriate Language in Most Settings
  3. Tricksters, pranksters, jokesters
  4. Challenges authority
  5. Misbehaves on purpose
  6. Slow to regret
  7. Multiple annoying habits
  8. Enjoys poking the bear and pushing buttons
  9. Loves to cause trouble and misdirect fault to cause others grief
  10. This regressive personality elevates Needy to an almost unattainable level so that the caregiver is always forced to prove their love. At times it will seem the Brat will force the Dom/me to choose them over another responsibility.
  11. Almost always exhibits some form of self-harm, whether refusing to eat/eating too much,refusing to take medications, smoking, drinking, abusing drugs, putting themselves in dangerous situations that require rescue, cutting, refusing excercise/excercise extremes.
  • What is a Lolita?

Lolita’s may or may not also embrace the ABDL or DDLG Lifestyle. So do not assume.

A Lolita in the DDLG Lifestyle’s identity is closely linked to the Fashion made popular in Japan and resembles many anime characters.

Personality attributes:

  1. Identity molded by fashion
  2. Addiction to Kuwaii (cute) collectables
  3. Typically enjoys anime specifically
  4. Sets high standards of behavior and strict rules on self, needs a caregiver who will insist on taking out time for fun
  5. Sets high priority on appearance and will need extra time to prepare hair, make-up and clothing for their day. For this reason they are seen as most high maintenance of the DDLG Spectrum
  6. Craves attention, actress/exhibitionist…the world is their stage
  7. Costly habits: Manicures, pedicures, wigs, false eyelashes, colored contacts, shoes and matching handbags or backpacks

On the fashionable streets of Japan, women and girls of all ages dress in mid-list couture dresses  adorned with frills, lace, and intricately patterned fabric. The baby-doll dresses end in sea of ruffles just above the knees, and giant bows pin their long hair into place.  Fans of this style of dress are popping up around the globe.

Types of Lolita’s Include: Classic, Country, Gothic, Mourning, Old School, Pirate, Punk, Shiro (white), Sweet

Koko, the character in my A Little Bedtime Story series, is both little and Lolita.

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