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LOVERS Release Day

HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Available on Kindle Unlimited!

Today is an exciting day! Yes, it’s release day… but for me, it’s taking my writer’s life to the next level! Yes, I final broke the self-publishing wall … not because I can’t find another publisher … but after 20 years of doing this and seeing my art changed to meet another’s formulas, I’m kinda over it. Now… I can take the word length to where I want it.

Just who is sleeping with whom?

Love, lust, hate, revenge, heartbreak and triumph abound for four men and five women experiencing the joys and trials of polyamorous life, Los Angeles style. They’re not above wading into each other’s drama, wallowing in each other’s misery, offering unsolicited advice or swapping romantic partners. The sex is hot, the lust hotter and the jealousy scathing in this tale of personal evolution where everyone has a stake in who ends up sleeping with whom.

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